General Information

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CalBRE Sponsor No. S0571 administrated by NRE Schools. All courses are fully approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate to fulfill the education requirement to qualify for the state salesperson examination.

Course Name(s) and Description:

Real Estate Practice: Author: Walt Huber - Copyright Date:2015 - Pages: 611 - Edition: 8th This course provides the student with a basic introduction to the practice of real estate. It encompasses a thorough coverage of fields related to real estate such as finance, appraisal, escrow, and real estate investing. It also details the areas necessary to conduct a modern real estate brokerage business. A partial list of topics covered in this course include: Mandatory Disclosures, Prospecting, Listing Presentations, The Buyer and the Property Showing, Real Estate Financing, Escrow & Title Insurance, Real Estate Taxation.

Real Estate Principles: Author: Walt Huber - Copyright date: 2015 - Pages: 578 - Edition: 14th This course provides the student with a basic introduction to the field of real estate. It covers all matters related to the ownership and transfer of real property. It also provides coverage of related disciplines such as real estate finance, appraisal, taxation, and brokerage practices. A partial list of topics covered in this course include: Estates, Transfers and Titles, Encumbrances, Escrows & Title Insurance, Real Estate Finance, Financial Institutions, Appraisal Methods, Subdivision & Government Control, Taxation of Real Estate.

Real Estate Finance: Author: Walt Huber - Copyright date: 2012 - Pages: 514 - Edition: 7th This course provides the student with a basic introduction to the field of real estate finance. It covers all aspects of real financing from filling out the loan application to closing the loan. The course details qualifying standards, disclosure requirements, and loan documents. A partial list of topics covered in the course would include: Government Influences on Real Estate Finance, California Finance Instruments, Overview of the Loan Process, Alternate Financing, Qualifying the Buyer.

Inportant Instructions

Important Instructions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully prior to enrollment.

Course Outline

The course outline is dictated by the California Bureau of Real Estate and requires you to demonstrate a core competency of the subject matter in one chapter of the course before progressing to the next.

Time for Completion

The CalBRE allows each course to be completed in a minimum time of 18 calendar days from the date you receive the course material. The maximum time we allow for completion of the course is 1 year from the date of enrollment. The 18 day rule dictates how quickly you can take the final exam and complete each course. For example, the absolute fastest you can complete two courses is 5 weeks. As a reminder the 18 calendar day rule applies from the date you receive the textbook for each course. If you still have questions about how fast you can complete your courses, please call us for clarification.

Extension Policy

In the event that you are unable to complete this course within 6 months from the date of your enrollment, you may extend your enrollment for a period for an additional 6 months for a $75.00 re-enrollment fee. Please note if the textbook edition has changed, you will be required to purchase the current textbook to extend the course.

Final Examination Criteria

In order to pass each state mandated course prior to applying for your state exam, you will be required to take and pass an open book final examination containing 100 multiple choice questions with a 2.5 hour time limit, requiring a 60% or better to pass. There are two different final exams offered for each course, and all final exam certificates will be issued within 15 days of completion upon successfully passing.

What Do I Do If I Fail My Final Exam?

If you fail the course final examination, you will be given an opportunity to retake the exam. If you fail the course exam for the second time, you will need to wait a minimum of 18 days before you can retake the final exam, and you must complete all quizzes again within that time period.

Course Completion

Completion of a course includes taking and passing the course final examination. The final examination must be taken no later than the last day of the course enrollment period.

CalBRE Disclaimer

This course is approved for statutory and pre-license education credit by the California Bureau of Real Estate. However, this approval does not constitute and endorsement of the view or opinions which are expressed by the course sponsor, instructors, authors, or lecturers.

Correspondence Course Identification Statement

Participants shall present one of the following forms of identification immediately before the administration of the final examination:
A. A current California driver’s license.
B. A current identification card described in Section 13000 of the California Vehicle code
C. Any identification of the participant issued by a governmental agency or a recognized real estate related trade organization within the immediately preceding five years which bears a photograph, signature and identification number of the participant.

Refund Policy

The student has a right to cancel this enrollment agreement and receive a refund. ANY NOTIFICATION OF WITHDRAWAL, OR CANCELLATION AND ANY REFUND MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. Notice should be directed to Action Real Estate Training, 2799 Temple Ave, Signal Hill, CA.
Student may cancel this agreement within 30 days of enrollment and receive a full refund of all refundable charges as specified on the face of this agreement. PAYMENT OR REFUNDS ARE TO BE MADE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF DETERMINATION OF STUDENT WITHDRAWAL. To be entitled to this refund, the student must return all course materials to Action Real Estate Training in usable condition. This does not apply to anyone who has completed the course(s). ** Usable condition means unmarked and undamaged.  Your program enrollment is good for (12) months from the date of this enrollment agreement. Student must cancel the program within the time period in order to be eligible for any type of refund specified in this enrollment agreement.

Crash Course University Reschedule and Refund Policy

For any rescheduling of our Live Crash Course, we must be notified 48 hours before the date selected. If notification of reschedule is less than 48 hours before the training, there is a $50 rescheduling fee. To reschedule your Crash Course you must email

There is no refund for the Online Exam Prep ($89). There is a partial refund of $138 for the Live Crash Course. In order to receive a refund, we must be notified 48 hours in advance of the scheduled exam crash course date.


Although every effort has been made to provide accurate and current information in this text, the ideas, suggestions, general principles and conclusions presented in this text are subject to local, state and federal laws and regulations, court cases and any revisions of same. The author and/or publisher is not engaged in rendering legal tax, or other professional services. The reader is thus urged to consult with his/her employing broker and/or seek legal counsel regarding any points of law. This publication should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice.

Coaching Disclaimer

Action Real Estate Training provides coaching and training sessions that are designed to help students through the licensing process, and continue to motivate them to study so they take and pass their state exam and become licensed. They are not required. They are also not intended to replace the 45 hour state requirement that students must fulfill in order to obtain their course completion certificate.

Online Evaluation Statement

A course and instructor evaluation is available on the California Bureau of Real Estate website at Access this form by typing in “RE 318A” in the search box located in the upper right corner of the home page. The purpose of this evaluation is to assist the CalBRE in better serving the educational needs of real estate licensees. Each student may access the CalBRE Course Evaluation form here:

Consent to Photograph, Film, or Video a Student For Use

I agree that my participation in interviews, the use of quotes, and taking of photographs, movies or video tapes may be edited in Action Real Estate Training's sole discretion. I consent to use my name, likeness, voice and biographical material about me in connection with pictures, (photograph, film or videotape) publicity and related institutional promotional purposes. I expressly release Action Real Estate Training, NRE Schools, and Nationwide Real Estate Schools, their agents, employees, and licensees and assigns from and against any and all claims which I have or may have for invasion of privacy, defamation or any other cause of action arising out of production, distribution, broadcast or exhibition of the pictures (photograph, film or videotape).