Cynthia M.
These classes are much more than and taking tests because you're actually learning from experiences of other agents who come in. You get to hear the stories about how to deal with buyers and their questions. And also how to work with sellers.
Marlow W.
he great thing about this class is the camaraderie. Everything is open and free, with a lot of support behind it.
Maria M.
I think this was a great decision. With the broker and his sense of humor... And his fifty plus years in the business. I'm gaining a wealth of information that will help me in my career.
Daniel S.
It's probably the best career decision I've ever made, in the sense of seeing what this business is about and knowing where I'll eventually be working, and seeing how successful my career could be if I put the work in and follow the plan that they give us to do.
Abigail R.
I would highly recommend this class to other people out there who are thinking about working in real estate. It will not only help you develop the skills that you need to sell property, but you will also know how to write offers and work with clients.
Sara N.
The instructor truly motivated me to do what I needed to do in order to obtain my license. The classes kept me on task, and I can't imagine passing the test without the instruction and inspiration I received through Action Real Estate School. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone!